Lidl’s cheap robot vacuum cleaner

Since the creation of Lidl, the German supermarket chain, has established itself as one of the leading companies in offering its customers the best offers in different areas.

One of them is the smart appliances in which Lidl has been a sensation these days due to the launch of the SilverCrest vacuum cleaner.

This refers to a robot vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 30 centimeters and a weight of 1.9 kilos that has attracted attention thanks to the features it offers, as well as its low-cost character, thus making it a cheap and efficient robot vacuum cleaner.

And it is that this robot vacuum cleaner is a model that, although it may be basic at first glance, stands out for its versatility. This, thanks to the presence of 6 cleaning modes that will guarantee floors free of dirt and impurities:

  • Automatic: Run cleaning in random mode
  • Concentrated: Under this mode, the device carries out cleaning by moving in a spiral along the surface making use of the maximum suction power.
  • Corner: As its name indicates, this function makes the appliance take on the task of cleaning the margins and corners of the spaces where cleaning is carried out.
  • Maximum: Clean floors using maximum power
  • Programmed: This mode makes the robot carry out the cleaning according to a time programmed in advance.
  • Floor scrubbers: This function will make the robot vacuum cleaner carry out wet cleaning with the help of a microfiber bayonet.

According to the information provided by Lidl in its catalog, the SilverCrest robot vacuum cleaner has 10 motion sensors that allow its structure to be the victim of blows. In addition, it has 3 sensors designed to prevent the device from tipping over on itself.

Through these sensors, the robot can acquire great maneuverability when moving through surfaces, thus allowing it to reach those areas that are difficult to access.

ABS plastic was used for the construction of this robot vacuum cleaner, while the wheels are made of rubber, so that the device does not generate marks on the floor while cleaning.

Those who wish to purchase this smart robot vacuum cleaner will be able to do so at a cost of 129.99 euros, although at the moment its existence is sold out both in the store and on the website.

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