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Tell me which emoji you use, I’ll tell you how old you are. Those who share the emoji 😂 should know that it is no longer fashionable at all, it is even considered outdated by the youngest!

Crédit : Magic Creative, Pixabay
Credit: Magic Creative, Pixabay

The verdict of Internet users in their twenties (Generation Z) is cruel. The emoji 😂 (crying with laughter) is completely out of date, according to this article from CNN. And those who share it, especially Millennials, are “old”! ” I stopped using it a while ago “, Says Walid Mohammed, 21,” because I saw older people using it, like my mom, and my older siblings ».

Generation Z in charge

To replace the “laughing cry” emoticon, Generation Z mainly uses the 💀 (skull) emoji to signify that we are “laughing out loud”. Another alternative, the emoji 😭 (crying face), more dramatic and which carries more extreme emotions. Or quite simply the word “lol”. Younger people also avoid using 🤣 (face rolling on the floor laughing), which is no longer in fashion.

These emojis have not yet said their last word. According to Emojitracker, 😂 is the most used emoji on Twitter. It’s also on last year’s list of most used emojis, according to Emojipedia. But the latter is a victim of its own success, and as linguist Gretchen McCulloch explains, by using it for years and years, the image has lost meaning.

This is the reason why Generation Z has found new emojis to highlight their state of mind. In addition, older users tend to share emojis in the literal sense, while younger users, born with social networks, show more second or even third degree in their choice of emojis 🤷.

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