The lightest electric bike in the world

Many are the electric bikes that in addition to offering the user excellent performance, they also facilitate the task of transporting it anywhere thanks to its light weight. This is the case with HPS Domestique, the lightest electric bicycle in the world.

In this sense, the HPS Domestique has a weight of 8.6 kilos. And it is that according to HPS (High Performance Systems), the manufacturing company, this model was created with the intention of offering the user a high-performance electric bicycle.

hps domestique, the lightest electric bicycle in the world

However, the team involved in its manufacture tried that its electrical system did not jeopardize the objective of making the whole assembly light, which, taking into account the final weight, seems to have been achieved.

Regarding its name, Domestique, it refers to those cyclists who, within cycling, fulfill the role of support, serving their companions, without any kind of sporting aspiration beyond that. In the case of this electric bicycle, Domestique would be present in the electrical system, which assists the cyclist when he requires it.

Regarding its structure, the manufacturing company used the services of Campagnolo, a company with extensive experience in the sector, to commission them to develop the frame, making it ultralight. It should be noted that the Domestique has been manufactured by hand taking into account the requirements of the HPS.

hps domestique electric bicycle motor

The numbers that this model will offer in terms of autonomy and battery capacity are unknown so far. However, the company guarantees that the Domestique will have the capacity to offer the cyclist an assistance time of more than 3 continuous hours in climbing situations.

Moving on to the HPS domestique battery, it is attached to the frame by means of a support. Its electric motor offers a power of 200 W complemented by 20 Nm of torque. This electric bicycle will be made available to the public for a value of 12 thousand euros.

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