1 TB of SSD at only 84.99 euros at Sandisk

If you were looking for an SSD to replace the hard drive of your PC, now is the time to crack: the 1 TB Sandisk SSD drops to 84.99 euros at Amazon.

Main storage solution, additional space, better comfort … there are currently many reasons to afford a new SSD, whether you already have one in your machine or not. Today, Sandisk 1TB internal SSD drops to 84,99 euros instead of 100 euros, a very interesting price-performance ratio.

Find the Sandisk 1 TB SSD at 84.99 euros at Amazon

The Sandisk SSD in detail

This 1000 GB model does the most classic, and fulfills its role perfectly. It is much more powerful and responsive than a traditional hard drive, up to 20 times depending on the manufacturer. In practice, we find a fairly standard reading speed of 535 MB / s, and writing stagnates at 450 MB / s via its SATA 6 Gb / s connector. Whether transferring 4K video, heavy photography, installing video games, or everyday storage, there’s plenty to do and this SSD is a good affordable student.

This is a rather classic 2.5-inch SSD, which fits in the specific slot on your PC or PS4, if you feel like it. However, be careful, it comes without an adapter kit for a 3.5-inch slot. It will therefore be necessary to go back to the cash register if you wish to go in this direction. You will usually find these brackets for less than 10 euros, like this model for example.

Sandisk can also boast of offering a complete software suite, with proprietary tools to monitor and optimize the performance of your system. You will therefore be aware of the health of your SSD, which has also been designed and tested to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. Even if we doubt the real usefulness of this battery of tests, the SSD at least has the merit of not overheating, and of maintaining stable speed rates during the heavy tasks imposed on it.

Find the Sandisk 1 TB SSD at 84.99 euros at Amazon

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