a streamer defeats the final boss with … a pomegranate (the fruit)!

If you thought you knew all about the exotic fruit that is pomegranate, then you were wrong. Only Dylan Beck could know that he could be used as a controller on the Hades game.

Credit: Supergiant Games

In the game Hades, Power Grenades are fruits that can, as their name suggests, provide you with a power bonus that increases one of your health benefits by one level. In real life, this exotic fruit can fill you up with vitamin C and antioxidants and… get you playing video games. This is what the streamer did Rudeism, real name Dylan Beck, who turned a pomegranate into a homemade controller. It is also thanks to her that he defeated the final boss of the game Hades. While he posted a short video of when he beat the boss, fans marveled at such a system to play with a fruit, organic material, instead of a controller. Spoiler alert, if you watch this video you will see the final Hades game boss, so don’t watch it if you haven’t finished the game.

He achieved this performance thanks to the tool Makey Makey, which makes it possible in particular to replace the controls of a traditional joystick by others using conductive cables. Dylan Beck has placed the end of these cables in pre-cut grenade ends, which he presses according to the commands he wants his character to perform. The case is messy, since every time Rudeism presses on a piece of pomegranate, it loses its seeds. It took him 33 tries to beat the boss. Most surprisingly, it took him just as many attempts to beat him without a grenade in hand. The streamer also posted a video on Youtube to show how his fruity controller works.


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