A voice-controlled note printer with Alexa

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Amazon surprises us with a concept product already available on, a smart sticky note printer that works with Amazon Alexa.

The idea is that we can create hands-free sticky notes, voice-controlled automatic post-it notes to take important and quick notes.

Shopping lists, notes for our children, something that we will put on the fridge to remember at all times … we just have to ask the printer for it and wait for it to print.

The printer Smart Sticky Note from Amazon is thermal, does not require ink or toner, so we can use it without fear of having to buy cartridges. It already comes with a roll of yellow adhesive paper, and we can also choose refills in blue, pink and white.

They promise that it is easy to configure and use, you just have to turn it on, connect it to the WiFi and say “Alexa, discover my printer”, so that it is added to the devices that we have under our Amazon account.

As it is a conceptual product (on the same page there are other curious ones, such as a smart cuckoo clock), there are no prices or dates available, but they promise that it will be built at some point thanks to the support received from Amazon, who encourages the creation of these types of projects so that people can take more actions with their virtual assistant.

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