BlitzWolf BW-WS01: cheap humidity and temperature monitor you need to know

BlitzWolf has already used consumers to a collection of cheap and reliable products. And one of the most recent ones to be launched was a temperature and humidity monitor, which can be ideal to place at home … and on the street.

THE BlitzWolf BW-WS01 it allows to monitor the humidity and temperature of multiple areas, with a central unit that has an illuminated 9 cm screen. It provides both this unit and the wireless sensor (or sensors) that can be sold together.

In the base package, this central unit and a sensor are available that you can ideally place, for example, in your garden. However, you can have up to a total of 3 sensors on the outside of your home (with added values). But an important detail is that they are not resistant to rain, so you will have to put them in a more protected place.

Find out more about BlitzWolf BW-WS01 temperature and humidity sensor shipping and prices

BlitzWolf BW-WS01

The main unit has a kind of base. But its rear area also has a magnetism system that allows you, for example, to place it in the refrigerator. Note that the additional sensors may be up to 30 meters in an open area or 10 meters if there is a wall blocking the signal.

In addition to humidity and temperature, the air comfort at the top of the screen is also given (dry, comfortable or moist). You will be reminded when you need to change the battery, in a product that is powered by CR2477 batteries and promises autonomy for three months.

BlitzWolf BW-WS01

Basically, it is a monitor for those who want to see indoor and outdoor temperature measurements without major complications. You can purchase it for € 15.73 (price at the date of writing of the article may vary in the future) with an additional sensor. Shipments start on March 8, and we advise you to choose the “EU Priority Line” shipping method, so that you will not have any problems with customs. He knows how to buy at Banggood without customs and safely.

Find out more about BlitzWolf BW-WS01 temperature and humidity sensor shipping and prices

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