Clubhouse chats could have been leaking

Clubhouse allows us to talk and share ideas without fear that someone will record the conversation to show it off the platform, but it seems that someone is trying to steal that magic with software capable of spying on our conversations.

A few hours ago the Bloomberg media published a report where it indicates that an unidentified user was able to decrypt the service and listen to conversations, a user based in China who has been able to create a website capable of capturing audio transmissions from the application.

Although the user has been removed from the platform, it is still unknown what he was able to steal and where he could post it, but at Clubhouse new blocking tools have already been created to prevent these things from happening in the future.

Another incident was discovered a week ago and was fixed by preventing the application from “transmitting pings” to the China-based servers and additional encryption to protect conversations.

¿Clubhouse en China?

China is important at Clubhouse, as the China-based company Agora provides the backend for Clubhouse, according to the report, but apparently transmits user ID numbers and chat room IDs in plain text.

The point is that Alex Stamos, who was a Facebook security executive, contributed to the SIO report, so it is not known how objective he was when he said that Clubhouse cannot offer any promise of privacy for the conversations that take place. out, since Clubhouse represents a threat to other social networks.

What does Clubhouse say

In response to the report, Clubhouse said that it has no servers in China as the app has not been officially launched in the country. He added that some users in China found a workaround to install the app and the conversations they were a part of could be streamed through Chinese servers.

The security measures taken seem sufficient for now, although you will have to dig deeper into the subject to ensure security in the future.

Clubhouse It has been presented as an impressive tool for sharing knowledge, and now it is in the crosshairs of hackers around the world, so the next few months will be of fundamental importance for the future of the platform.

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