Daft Punk: after 28 years, it’s over

The two French robots have just announced their separation in a video posted on their YouTube channel, after 28 years of activity. They leave behind four studio albums, and millions of fans around the world.

In a video called “Epilogue” posted today on their YouTube channel, the Daft Punk announce their separation. In the almost eight-minute sequence, the famous helmeted duo can be seen in the middle of the desert from the 2006 film Electroma. The two members explode one after the other, before a screen appears. black on which we can read: 1993-2021.

Rumors were rife with the preparation of a new album, or new collaborations like those that the duo had undertaken with The Weeknd in 2016. Eight years after their last album – Random Access Memories – for which the duo was even seen assigning the Grammy Award for the best album of the year in 2014, the Daft Punk split up. If the video may leave you wondering, their agent Kathryn Frazier has indeed confirmed with Pitchfork the separation of the group formed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

We are certainly not used to relaying musical news on the Journal du Geek, but, with many fans of the group in our editorial staff, and the considerable contribution of Daft Punk to electronic music and to the democratization of technology in the world of music, we had to talk about it. And after all, they are robots, right?

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