Drive Mars vehicles with Augmented Reality

Using Augmented Reality on an iPhone it is possible to drive the robots that have been arriving on Mars in recent years, all the rovers, including the last one, Perseverance, which landed last Thursday, is already included in the platform.

I’m talking about the Mission to Mars AR app, available on iTunes to bring the curious closer to a truly amazing world of science and technology.

The idea is to harness the power of AR to explore the Red Planet through the rovers. With Perseverance now on Mars, we can take an interactive look at this and other rovers there.

We can also drive one down the street, relive landings and simulate the flight of the first interplanetary helicopter, all with models based on real equipment and events.

On the one hand, we can enjoy the design of the rovers, analyzing the scientific tools and the power of the camera. Then we can put a rover in our living room, or on the street, drive it and take photos and videos to share.

If we are interested in the planet, we can have the entire globe of Mars in front of us, rotate it, and read strange and familiar features.

It’s also possible to launch the Atlas V rocket from anywhere, see Perseverance in action, and visit a possible human settlement in the future.

If you like the excitement, you can live the 7 minutes of tension of the landing, as well as know other missions on the surface.

A gem that, unfortunately, has not yet reached android.

On iPhone you can download it in this link.

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