HomeKit support for shortcut buttons is here

The shortcut buttons and the motion detector from the smart home system from Ikea are now compatible with HomeKit.

HomeKit for the shortcut button offers numerous possibilities

Only a few days ago I tried out the new shortcut buttons from Ikea and presented them on our YouTube channel. At just six euros they are particularly cheap, but at the time of the video they were limited to use in Ikea’s smart home system. In addition, only one scene could be started with one click and there was no option for multiple clicks or other functions of the button.

IKEA Shortcut Button

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This is changing now, because after an update of the Tradfri gateway to version 1.13.21, HomeKit support for the shortcut buttons is also available. This means that many, many interesting automations can now be triggered via the button, also in conjunction with other HomeKit devices. In addition, HomeKit also offers the option of storing a second action by pressing the button for a longer time. This makes the button, especially at a price of only six euros, particularly interesting.

I tried it out right away, of course, and it actually works without any problems. For example, I can now switch on the backlighting of my studio with one click and switch it off again with a longer press.

Ikea Shortcut Button HomeKit

In my opinion, the price makes the shortcut buttons from Ikea a really great gadget that HomeKit fans will definitely enjoy.


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