Kodi 19 “Matrix” arrives, with AV1 decoding, Python 3 add-ons, tvOS support and more

Kodi, the media server platform, and open source alternative to Plex, has just released a major update, with major improvements for many of the devices it is on.

This release comes a little over a year after the prominent release of the previous stable version, taking quite a bit of inspiration from the Matrix movie, from which it gets not only the name for its version 19.

Its commitment to low decoding stands out especially AV1, the open source and royalty-free codec that offers better quality while occupying less storage space, being also the favorite for others such as Netflix and Google, among other companies.

In this sense, at the video level, for Windows 10 support is added for software AV1 decoding, HLG HDR and static HDR10 playback, while for the client for Android devices it brings compatibility with static HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR.

The platform notes that these features will also depend on the hardware it is running on.

For audio playback, from the platform lists coming “library improvements, new tags, new screens, improvements in the way Kodi handles release dates, album lengths, multi-disc sets, and more »Along with a new Matrix-inspired visualization, among other enhancements.

And more improvements and news in other aspects

There are also improvements in the visualization of the database and metadata, as well as new functions that allow, among other aspects, the grouping of videos by artists (not just by album), compatibility with .NFO files «that list a all artists instead of just the main artist ”, as well as improvements in the links offered after album and video searches.

At the game level they point out that “we have implemented integer scaling to improve the display quality of Pixel Art games in all areas, while iOS is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and other compatible Bluetooth game controllers.”

There are also significant screen improvements and renovations to the user interface, new usability functions, some new security features, minor improvements when it comes to displaying subtitles on the screen, also adding the ability to ‘select a dark gray color and set a opacity for subtitles ”, in addition to the adoption of Python 3 for the development of plugins (remove Python 2 support and outdated plugins will stop working), the arrival of tvOS support and the loss of 32-bit iOS support, changes and improvements to some APIs, and more.

Kodi 19 “Matrix” is already reaching the main platforms where it is present, except for the Xbox, which will arrive with some delay.

More information in the launch announcement.

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