Microsoft Word will have its own text prediction feature this March

Microsoft is almost ready to implement the text predictions function in Word, a function powered by the company’s Artificial Intelligence, with which it will help users to type more quickly and efficiently.

The arrival of text predictions to Word will take place throughout the month of March, according to an update of the Microsoft 365 roadmap, as they have discovered since Neowin, under the description that it will help “users write more efficiently by predicting text quickly, timely and accurately.”

Curiously, the predictions of texts are coming this February to the Outlook application for Windows computers, and it works in a similar way to the predictions of texts already present in competing services, such as the case of Google Docs.

Helping to write faster and more efficiently with Artificial Intelligence

And how will it work? Basically, the function will offer gray text suggestions as users progress through the content they are writing, having the possibility of accepting the suggestions for each text by pressing Tab or rejecting it with Esc.

As it could not be otherwise, those users who do not wish to have this function will always have the possibility of deactivating it completely from their own user accounts.

It should also be taken into account that the suggestions will be produced directly at the user level, so that no one else will have access to them, unless the users want to share them as a report to the company.

And in the same way, the more you use this function, the better suggestions it will offer over time, adapting to the styles of each user, which will allow the function to be more effective in the long run than at first.

The predictions of texts in Word They have been available since last year for 50% of users through the application’s beta channel, so the company is now ready to reach all users.

It will be a matter of the company making its arrival official and offering more information about it, which will allow us to better know the benefits it will bring and who will be the beneficiaries, since we do not know if it will reach everyone and in all the main languages ​​in the beginning or it will unfold in phases.

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