Netflix launches a new function to download content that may interest us automatically

For months we have been able to download some of the series and movies available on Netflix to our devices, which helps us to enjoy it when we do not have a connection. That feature will now be expanded with the new “Downloads for you”, released a few hours ago.

This is a new feature that aims to bring more offline content to users who opt for automatic downloads.

With “Downloads for You” enabled, the Netflix app will download recommended TV shows and movies to your mobile device based on our tastes, as determined by our Netflix watch history.

When we activate the option for the first time, we can select the amount of storage space we want to dedicate to downloaded content: 1 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB. These downloads are made under WiFi, and will consist of a combination of recommendations that Netflix thinks we will like.

You will opt for first series episodes first, but you may decide to download movies as well.

Once we have seen the episodes or movies, we can delete them from the device to free up more storage space for the next time we connect to WiFi.

Netflix notes that its entire catalog is available for download, not just its own original content, but there may be download limitations due to license restrictions.

Netflix says it began testing “Downloads for You” in late 2020, but today it is making the feature available to all users around the world, initially on Android (for iPhone and iPad only at the end of the year).

The objective is that we never lack content on our mobile, even if we lose connection on a trip, Netflix will have downloaded things before so that we do not get bored.

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