Pyro, to listen to music with friends and vote for songs on the list

More and more applications appear that can be linked to Spotify to add additional functions to it, as a complement to the features already integrated in your applications.

To listen to music with friends, the same platform offers the group sessions and the collaborative playlists. Expanding the limits of these functions, comes an app that allows members of a session to vote for those songs they like and those they don’t.

Is about Pyro, a free application for iOS and Android that allows you to create collective listening sessions, in which its members can express their preferences for the added songs, to collectively define the order in which they are played.

Pyro currently works solely with Spotify, but they have the addition of integrations with Deezer and Apple Music on the agenda.

Listening “parties” with friends

Pyro App

The listening sessions in Pyro are referred to as “parties”. To host one, just log into the app, link your Spotify account, and assign a name to the instance.

If the party is configured as public, it will be visible to any user of the application within a distance of around 90 meters in all directions. On the other hand, if the session is configured as private, only those people who have a direct invitation link or who access through a QR code, will be able to participate. In addition, an access password can be configured at each party, for greater security.

The limit of participants per session is 15 people. The number of users can be expanded up to 50, through the use of “boosts”. These quota increases are paid improvements, but can be obtained free of charge by participating in a dynamic on social networks with a hashtag for Instagram and Twitter, described in the cover page from your website.

A voting system for group music

This application is designed for parties, meetings or other instances in which it is shared in person in the company of music.

During a Pyro “party”, the music is heard from the device that acts as host of the session and the guests, in addition to being able to add new titles to the playlist, will also be able to emit their positive or negative appreciations about each song particular.

In this way, the control of the reproduction remains in the hands of the decision of the majority of the participants and not only under the control of whoever facilitates their device and / or their Spotify account to set a day to music.

Although Spotify natively offers powerful collaborative functions, which are not among the benefits of its competition, this voting system brings a new experience that is more complete.

With the future addition of integrations with Deezer and Apple Music, the momentum will be even greater, breaking down the barriers of each platform to build a collaborative session in common.

To facilitate participation in this dynamic, when entering a Pyro “party”, the application displays the service’s instructions for use on the screen.

You can find more information about Pyro in its portal frequent questions and access its free download at App Store (iOS) or in the Play Store (Android).

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