Samsung is expected to make questionable decision on its next smartwatch

Since 2014, Samsung has put Google’s Wear OS aside as the operating system for its smartwatches. Instead, the South Korean has been betting on Tizen OS, its own solution that has proven to be quite capable and efficient.

In your next smartwatch, due in summer, the roles will be reversed. According to the renowned Ice Universe, “Samsung’s new smartwatch will use Android to replace Tizen”.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3 should arrive with Wear OS

When Universe talks about Android, Samsung is not believed to use a modified version of the operating system for this type of gadgets. The choice should fall on Wear OS, software developed by Google for smartwatches.

However, Wear OS is far from being loved by consumers and the market wearable. The Google operating system has picked up several complaints from those who use it, with autonomy being the main negative point pointed out to it.

In contrast, those who use Samsung smartwatches, with Tizen OS, have been quite satisfied with these products. Furthermore, the integration they offer with South Korean smartphones is a great asset and enhances the company’s ecosystem.

No justification has been put forward for this questionable change on the part of Samsung. In fact, this change in the operating system is not yet guaranteed, despite the history of assertiveness of this source.

Perhaps support for a wider range of applications may have motivated Samsung to transition to Wear OS. Programmers will be more predisposed to work in this ecosystem than to bet on Tizen OS, with a much more limited market expression.

There is still little talk of this topic, but Samsung’s next smartwatch is expected to be unveiled this summer. Thus, it is possible that the model that should cover this change is the Galaxy Watch Active 3.

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