Space: no the Mars video was not filmed by Perseverance

For several days, Internet users have been sharing what they announce to be the first video recorded by the Perseverance rover. These are in fact images captured by Curiosty, to which a false sound environment has been added.

Credit Nasa

Exploring Mars through video is what NASA hopes to do with its rover Perseverance. After having successfully landed on the red planet, on the Jezero crater, the device unveiled its first images, in black and white, then in color. Shortly after, a video began to circulate on social networks. We see a video panorama of the planet, with what is announced as the first sound collected since Mars. If the images will delight space exploration enthusiasts, a shadow however darkens the picture. Falsely attributed to the Perseverance rover, the video is actually from 2019 and was captured by the Curiosity rover. To these images, which are nonetheless impressive, a false sound environment has been added to gain realism. To listen to Mars, you will have to be patient. Indeed, if Curiosity is not equipped with microphones, Perservance can meanwhile offer us a first sound glimpse of the red planet. He has just unveiled some color images, but has not yet started his exploration. To follow the journey of Perseverance, which is looking for traces of ancient life on the planet, it will therefore be necessary to refer to the various NASA accounts on social networks.

The first images already diverted

On the net, Internet users have given themselves to their hearts content. The first images unveiled by the rover have already been hijacked many times. ET, Darth Vader and even Perceval from Kaamelott, many are the characters of the pop culture to become encrusted on the stereotypes. Several Internet users also hope that the arrival of the rover on the red planet will make it possible to find Matt Damon, hero of the film. Alone on Mars. same Bernie Sanders, former Democratic candidate for the American elections, took a trip to the planet, bundled up in his coat. There is no doubt that the next pictures of Perserverance will meet the same fate, for our greatest pleasure.

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