Spotify will offer a way to listen to music without quality losses

Spotify today held its Stream On event, from which a series of interesting ads, especially highlighting the arrival of Spotify HiFi, its new offer that will be directed specifically to Spotify Premium subscribers, in which it will allow them to listen to their favorite musical themes without loss of quality, thus putting services at the same level as rival services such as Tidal or Amazon Music, which already offer a similar offer.

Of course, there is still a lot of data to be known, for which the company has promised to offer it soon. As a preview, Spotify Hifi will arrive as an add-on for current Spotify Premium subscribers, not as a new additional Premium option, by the end of the year and in select markets, noting only that the additional cost to access Spotify Hifi will be competitive.

Fulfilling one of the greatest demands of users

In addition, it can be enjoyed on all devices, including speakers with support for Spotify Connect, for which the company is also working with some of the most important speaker manufacturers in the world, seeking that Spotify HiFi can be available in a greater number of speakers with Spotify Connect possible.

Spotify notes that their new offering:

will deliver music in CD-quality lossless audio format to your Spotify Connect-enabled device and speakers, which means fans can experience more depth and clarity while enjoying their favorite tracks

The users of the platform had been demanding such an option for a long time so that they can listen to their favorite musical themes with a higher level of quality, something to which from Spotify They have been taking notes, for which they have also carried out some tests in the past.

Now it will be a matter of those other rivals that do not offer listening to music without loss of quality also catch up, especially Apple Music, which still does not offer anything similar, despite the fact that it sells wireless headphones capable of taking advantage of this audio quality level.

In addition to the announcement of the arrival of Spotify Hifi, the company has also made other announcements including its plans to expand into new markets globally, its plans to bring algorithm improvements and new features for podcast discovery, partnerships with new creators of content, its association with WordPress to enable the conversion of content from text to audio through the Anchor podcast application, as well as updates to its programs for creators and artists.

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