the current PC game exceeds 3 million sales

Developed by a team of five, Valheim is breaking its own records despite only being available in early access for three weeks.

Credit: Iron Gate AB

Valheim seems to be at the heart of every conversation at the moment. The Viking survival game goes through the key stages of its existence since Iron Gate AB, the studio behind the game, announced on February 19 that it had exceeded 3 million sales, just four days after announcing the 2 million sales . This success is all the more impressive given that the game is still in Early Access on Steam. Early Access means that the title can still change since it is not in its final version. In addition, Iron Gate AB clarified that “ Early Access is a way for us to receive constant feedback, to collaborate with our players on what they want to see in the game, and to keep our players in mind every step of the way. ».

Currently, Valheim is rated with over 76,000 reviews “Extremely positive” which makes it one of the most popular games around. So popular that Valheim entered the ranking of the 250 top rated games on Steam. On February 19, he even reached 78th place. In less than a month, Valheim has won over more people than the studio would have imagined attracting to their game. Since it was developed by a small independent team of 5 people, the success it is currently enjoying is most certainly a huge surprise.

Valheim is also very popular on Twitch since the game has more than 20 million hours of gameplay viewed since its release on February 2. Valheim was even the 7th most watched game on the platform. To all players who already love the title, be aware that additional content should arrive by the end of Early Access, which should last a year or less depending on player feedback. The game is therefore far from over and may still have some surprises in store for us. If you haven’t already purchased it, Valheim is available on Steam for 16.79 euros. Note that Valheim is also available at GeForce Now catalog from Nvidia.

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