To translate your video into other languages ​​automatically and for free

If you have a video and you want to put subtitles in several languages, now there is a tool that does it automatically and, for now, free.

This is a new typestudio function, a tool that we have already mentioned on other occasions and that is capable of editing videos by transcribing what is said in them.

The process is simple. We just have to upload the video and wait for typestudio to obtain the text of what is said there. Once transcribed, we can analyze it and correct problems if they exist. Then comes the time of translation into other languages, being necessary that we inform what we want to have in the material.

When the translations have been done, we can export the video with all the new information included in it.

We can thus add the translations as subtitles to the videos, or export the translated transcript, or embed the video with interactive articles translated on our website.

As I said, the process is currently free, and can be done from It is important to note that there are certain differences from what Youtube does, since Youtube subtitles in other languages ​​cannot be corrected, or copied and pasted anywhere else. Typestudio offers us the possibility of having more control over the generated text, ideal to include it later in the best way that we consider necessary.

There are other well-known audio transcription tools, such as hapscribe, but this time we have a more exclusive focus on video, since we don’t have to extract the audio manually first.

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