Amazon Alexa – How to set the number of announcements

You can now determine yourself how often Alexa announces a reminder. This means that you won’t miss any more announcements and you won’t be annoyed by the voice assistant if a single announcement is enough for you. Here you can find out how you can set the number of reminders yourself.

Alexa – set the number of announcements

It is often not necessary for an announcement to be repeated. A one-time announcement is completely sufficient for many. Then there are again special cases for which that is precisely not enough. Amazon has made improvements here and now offers the option of setting the number of repetitions as desired.

It is now possible to issue a reminder once, the double and even the triple announcement of the reminder. The announcement occurs one after the other and, depending on the setting, also on all devices.

Another setting “Constant” has been added. This repeats the announcement every hour until you discard the reminder for Alexa.

You can find the settings for this in the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. Navigate to “More” – “Settings” – “Reminders”. Here you will find the submenu “Number of Announcements”.

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