Beware of this malware which has infected 30,000 Macs, it’s a time bomb!

Malware has slipped into nearly 30,000 Macs, the Red Canary researchers alert us. This malicious software has the particularity of having no purpose … for now.

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It has already infected nearly 29,139 Macs in 153 countries around the world, and is still awaiting instructions. This malware is Silver Sparrow, and he was spotted by Red Canary security researchers. It has the particularity of being effective even on Apple computers equipped with M1 chips, and therefore can potentially affect your security. But what are we really at risk if our Mac is infected with Silver Sparrow? In reality, not much. As the Red Canary researchers note, this malware has no specific purpose as of yet. Contrary to his counterparts, it does not seek to steal your personal information, extort a ransom from you, or even display intrusive advertisements on your computer. Problem: every hour, the malware makes contact with remote servers to receive new orders… So it’s a real time bomb!

According to Red Canary researchers, this malware is installed on a Mac during the installation of a .pkg file that would take the appearance of ordinary software. Once installed on a Mac, it executes JavaScript code to intrude into the system. If, for now, Silver Sparrow is proving harmless, the fact that it polls servers every hour does not bode well. According to the researchers, it could be triggered at any moment, with potential serious risks to your Mac. In addition, the malware has the particularity of being able to destroy itself, a characteristic rather rare in the world of computer viruses.

Fortunately, Apple moved quickly to block the release of Silver Sparrow. A spokesperson for the firm told AppleInsider that Apple has already revoked the malware developer account certificate, meaning that no other machines can be infected from now on. On the other hand, if you were one of the 30,000 infected people, a little virus scan is in order, even though Apple says that the execution of Silver Sparrow has been blocked. Our colleagues from MacG also give a little tip to check that your Mac is not compromised: go to Terminal, then enter the command «Ls /tmp/» and tap enter. If you see the phrase « No such file or directory » is displayed, your Mac should not be infected.

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