Boston Dynamics dog will arm itself, for a social experiment

A group of activists will arm the Boston Dynamics robot. The goal of the maneuver: to think about the uses that could be made of such a technology. On February 24, Internet users will be able to control it from their computer and shoot at works of art.

Credit: MSCHF

And if the adorables robots de Boston Dynamics become weapons of mass destruction? This is the question posed by the MSCHF militant collective. The group wants to present a more dystopian view of the company’s robotic technology. To do this, they added a paintball gun in spot, the machine capable of pull a rickshaw. This project, called Spot’s Rampage, will be at the heart of an online event, broadcast February 24, 2021 at 7 p.m. in France. At this time, users connected to the site will be able to control it remotely using their phone. They will be able to make it move, but also to shoot at the works of art present in the gallery. Every two minutes, a new user will take control of the robot. To the question: Will there be a loser? MSCHF simply responds “All of humanity, when remote control dogs of war become commonplace. When they become devices of the military or militarized police, we will learn a whole new meaning of the word fear: an oppressor who can pull the trigger without even needing to be physically present. “ With this social experience, the collective therefore hopes to question the uses that could be made by this kind of technology in the future.

Boston Dynamics is not thrilled

As you can imagine, this new use of Spot is not really to the liking of the company that created the robot dog. The company’s vice president told Wired that Spot’s terms of service prohibit violent use of the robot. “The essential things we try to avoid are the things that hurt people, intimidate them or break the law”. Michael Perry has also announced that he is working to deactivate the MSCHF robot to prevent the event from being held online. He said the company offered to help MSCHF organize a demonstration that did not involve the use of a firearm, including on-site technical assistance and a few spare spots. It remains to be seen whether the event will take place. To find out, you will have to go to this address, February 24.

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