discover the six new games for February

Among them are Detroit Become Human and Call of Duy Black Ops III, two blockbuster titles in completely different atmospheres and styles of play.

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New games will soon be added to the service catalog PlayStation Now. In all, six titles were announced. First, a classic first-person shooter: Call of Duty Black Ops III. This title is particularly appreciated by fans of the license for its dynamic multiplayer mode and its very complete Zombie mode. The little extra is that the multiplayer and local zombie modes can be played with four players in split screen. In the catalog is also added the game Detroit : Become Human, a narrative game that follows the story of three characters, all droids with very different lives and roles, in a futuristic America. The role of the player is to choose the voice that each of these characters will take, which will have moral and concrete consequences on the end scenario. Additionally, the game has a prestigious cast, with Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) as Markus and Valorie Curry (Twilight 4) as Kara.

Finally, four other new games are also available. It is Little Nightmares, whose second installment was released last December, Darksiders Genesis, Hotlne Miami 2: Wrong number, the latest installment in the saga, and finally WWE 2K Battlegrounds, a wrestling game with a unique story mode. As a reminder, Playstation Now is a streaming game service on PlayStation 4 and 5 and on Windows PC. The subscription gives you access to a catalog of more than 700 playable games in streaming. Some of these games can also be downloaded to your console. The monthly subscription is 9.99 euros, the 3-month subscription is 24.99 euros and the annual subscription is 59.99 euros.

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