Epics Games has reached an arrangement for its “surprise prizes”

While Epic Games was sued for the sale of its so-called “fraudulent” surprise lots, the company managed to find an amicable settlement and will not go to trial.

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Recently, Epic Games faced class action after complaints filed by players from Fortnite and of Rocket League, as well as parents of underage players who considered that the principle of “surprise prizes” was fraudulent. Epic Games was notably accused of having “ violated state consumer protection laws, prevented minors from exercising their contract whistleblower rights, and carelessly misrepresented the value of its game items in Fortnite and Rocket League “. The surprise prizes, on sale from 2015 to 2019, allowed players to acquire a box with random items. Epic Games recognizes that while some of the players liked this premise and were excited to discover random prizes, other players found themselves disappointed and frustrated.

Luckily for the studio, he managed to come to an arrangement and should now proceed to repair the damage caused. On its dedicated site, Epic Games has announced that it wants to give the total sum of $ 26.5 million to American players of the games. Fortnite and Rocket League having bought surprise lots before they were discontinued. In addition to real money, Epic Games will also give away 1000 V-Bucks to all players from Fortnite : Save the World concerned internationally, as well as 1000 credits for all players Rocket League having purchased Random Loot Crates. To receive them, players don’t have to do anything special, they will automatically receive virtual money in their game interface in the next few days. The company nevertheless specifies that this is not proof that this practice was indeed fraudulent or even intentionally intended to deceive its players.

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