here is the first video of Perseverance on Mars

The Perseverance rover landed on Mars last week. After a few photos, NASA unveiled a few hours ago the very first video of the red planet captured by the robot. We also hear the Martian environment for the very first time in history.

The video is only a few minutes long, but it has already made history. Thanks to its on-board cameras, the rover Perseverance captured its very first images of Mars. After a successful landing at the end of last week, the robot had already shared some photos of his new environment. Yesterday, this is a video that NASA posted on social media. This is the landing of Perseverance on Martian soil. As a reminder, a first video of the maneuver had already been shared by the Space Agency, but the latter had been captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter probe, placed in orbit around the red planet. This time, Internet users were able to discover things from a new, much more immersive angle.

The first Martian sounds

In addition to this impressive video, Perseverance also allowed us to listen for the very first time in history the sound of the Martian environment. Indeed, if Curiosity had also succeeded in capturing images of the planet, it was not equipped with microphones at the time. This time, NASA scientists have fixed the problem. The opportunity to discover “A gust of wind on the surface of Mars, captured by the microphone and sent back to Earth”, presented Dave Gruel, in charge of Space Agency equipment on Twitter. This is “The first sounds recorded on the surface of Mars”. A few days ago, a similar video was presented by an Internet user. It was actually old images captured by the Curiosit rovery, with sounds added in post-production.

360 ° video from Earth

On Earth too, Perseverance’s landing was very emotional. The rover finally managed to overcome the “Seven minutes of terror”, by landing safely on the surface of the red planet. An unsurprisingly very moving moment for the dozens of people who took part in the project. After having unveiled the behind the scenes of the maneuver from space, it is finally directly in its premises, from the control panels of the mission that NASA put its cameras. We can thus discover in a 360 ° video, the joy and relief of the researchers present on site at the time of landing. Enough to relive (once again) this great historical moment. That’s good, we never tire of it.

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