Lucidspark, a new virtual whiteboard application to work in real time


On many occasions it is necessary to have a virtual whiteboard that helps to represent concepts collaboratively. There are many solutions that allow you to have something like this on the web, and today we have been presented with a new one that is quite interesting.

This is Lucid Spark, a collaborative tool that can be very useful for online brainstorming, concept maps and diagrams of all kinds.

It is presented as a collaborative virtual whiteboard application for teamwork via online created by Lucid, a software provider specialized in graphic collaboration.

Among the objectives of this new platform we have:

– Being able to propose ideas on an infinite canvas shared with other people.
– Synchronize the design of what the team is doing or perform the work asynchronously and control everyone’s collaborations. It has structured sessions, so it is easy to define the rhythm and establish roles.
– Transform ideas into actions, since it is possible to achieve shared consensus in a simple way.

Lucidspark integrates with Lucidchart, so we can brainstorm on the first and go to Lucidchart to visualize scrum teams, organization processes, and more.

We can test Lucidspark in

If you want to try other options, you can browse in this link to discover also very interesting solutions, like Microsoft Whiteboard, for example.

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