Phones on sale: smartphone bargains from Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Co.


Cell phones from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Co. are currently available at really great prices. We show you the best smartphone offers in the overview.

Are you looking for a new one Handy, you are right here. We looked for offers for you and compared prices so that you only get the best deals when you buy a smartphone. You can find the current bargains below.

The best smartphone deal right now

You can buy the iPhone 12 with a whopping 128 gigabytes of memory on eBay with the coupon code “POWERSPRING21 currently particularly cheap. The price comparison shows savings of more than 100 euros.

Apple iPhone 12 | 128 Gigabyte

to offer

Apple iPhone 12 | 128 Gigabyte

  • 128 gigabytes of memory

  • OLED-Display

  • Apple A14 Bionic Processor

The iPhone 12 has barely been on the market for three months, but you can already save a lot when buying it. On eBay, you can currently secure the 128 gigabyte version of the premium cell phone for only 780 euros. Enter the voucher code “POWERSPRING21” for the deal price. The offer is very good. Other dealers charge at least 890 euros. You save a whopping 110 euros on the deal.

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Of course, that’s not the only good deal. Many more top deals want to be discovered by you.

iPhone 11 with 120 gigabyte all-network flat rate and Apple Watch Series 5

iPhone 11 with 120 gigabyte all-network flat rate and Apple Watch Series 5
44,99€54,99€-18% Saturn

At Saturn and Media Markt you secure the iPhone 11 in the 64-gigabyte version in the O2 tariff Free L Boost. In addition to 120 gigabytes of surfing volume, which you can use at a maximum speed of up to 300 megabits per second, the tariff also includes an all-network flat rate for SMS and telephony as well as EU roaming.

There is also the Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS and LTE) in the Nike Edition free of charge for the mobile phone and tariff. Scroll down on the landing page until you get to the iPhone offers, there you can choose whether you want to claim the offer with the 40-millimeter or 44-millimeter Apple Watch.

With a contract term over two years, you pay 44.99 euros per month. In addition, there is a one-off payment of 188.99 euros for connection fees and the device. Directly at O2 you pay 54.99 euros a month for the mobile phone alone with a similar contract. The one-time costs are lower there at 40.99 euros.

To the offer at Saturn

Apple iPhone 8 |  64 gigabytes of memory

Apple iPhone 8 | 64 gigabytes of memory
239,00€465,99€-48% ebay

The iPhone 8 was released in 2017, but if you want a good and cheap Apple phone, you can’t go wrong with the model. The iPhone 8 with 64 gigabytes of memory is currently available on eBay for only 229.00 euros.

The offer is very good, with other retailers you won’t pay less than 465.99 euros for the smartphone. The catch is that this is B-goods. The seller promises, however, that the iPhones on offer would be in top condition.

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Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC | 64 Gigabyte Speicher

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC | 64 Gigabyte Speicher
168,30€185,00€-9% eBay

The Poco range from Xiaomi is known for its good value for money. The Poco X3 NFC is no exception. Despite the low price, the device is convincing. You can expect a 6.67-inch display that offers a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz.

A Snapdragon 732G works inside, which also provides enough power for mobile games. You can secure your mobile phone on eBay with the voucher code “POWERSPRING21” for only 168.30 euros. You will only find what you are looking for at other retailers from 185 euros.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 with 10 gigabyte all-network flat Samsung including Galaxy Fit2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy S21 with 10 gigabyte all-network flat Samsung including Galaxy Fit2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
29,99€55,99€-46% Media Markt

At Media Markt and Saturn there is currently a real top bargain for everyone who is looking for a new cell phone. The dealers offer you the Samsung Galaxy S21 in the Mobilcom Debitel tariff green LTE 10GB. As the name suggests, the tariff includes 10 gigabytes of surfing volume.

Of course, you don’t have to do without an all-network flat rate for telephony any more than with EU roaming. An SMS flat rate is not included, however. The price for a short message is 0.19 euros. The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 fitness tracker and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are also available in addition to the mobile phone and tariff.

This extensive Samsung package costs you an affordable 29.99 euros per month with a contract term of two years. There is also a one-time additional payment of 118.99 euros for the device and connection.

With the tariff you are traveling in the Vodafone network. The network operator offers the Galaxy S21 together with a similar tariff. This also includes 10 gigabytes of surfing volume, an allnet flat rate for telephony and EU roaming, but there are also other services such as an SMS flat rate, 5G support and higher LTE speed.

However, you have to do without fitness trackers and earbuds at Vodafone. In addition, the monthly price of 55.99 euros is significantly higher than at Media Markt and Saturn.

To the offer at MediaMarkt

Honor 10 Lite

Honor 10 Lite
109,90€154,00€-28% Honor

The Honor 10 Lite offers a 6.21 inch display, 64 gigabytes of device memory and three gigabytes of RAM. The dual camera on the back takes photos with 13 megapixels. At Honor you only pay 110 euros for a short time, while other retailers still charge at least 154 euros.

To the offer at Honor

We use the price search engine for our price comparison. We only consider trustworthy offers. We assess whether a dealer is reputable on the basis of various criteria such as inventory, the ratings and the location of the respective dealer.

Smartphone buying guide for the undecided

If you didn’t find the right device for you among our top deals, you can check out our large Smartphone buying guide rummage. Here you will find an overview of countless smartphones and an outlook on upcoming devices. If you like two models, you can find them in our Cell phone comparison face each other.

If you choose an Android device, you will find out in our Android update timetablehow the update policy of the respective manufacturer is.

Note RAM and SAR

How much power does your smartphone need? In addition to a strong processor, the im Smartphone built-in memory, called RAM, crucial for the performance of your device. We’ll tell you how much RAM your smartphone should have.

An important but often neglected criterion when choosing a new smartphone is that SAR value. You can find out what this is all about in the linked article.

After the purchase

No matter if Apple or Android. We’ll tell you how your new one Set up your smartphone without frustration.

A smartphone is in constant use every day. Therefore, it is not only useful during Corona, your Disinfect your smartphone regularly. You can find out how to do this in the linked article.

Never miss a deal again

Dealers like Media Markt, Amazon or Saturn with countless deals. It’s hard to keep track of things. Netzwelt checks the offers of various dealers for you at regular intervals.

We’ll tell you whether and how much you really save on the alleged bargain and whether it is worth buying the device. Current deals can be found in our section “bargain“. In order not to miss a deal, you can also subscribe to our bargain newsletter.

In our arcade you will find more than 500 games – free of charge, playable directly on smartphone and PC!

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