Sony anticipates they are working on a virtual reality glasses for the PS5

Sony has wanted to advance who are currently working on next-generation Virtual Reality glasses to bring it to their current video game console, the PlayStation 5, although they also anticipate that it will not be available for this 2021, with the hope of its launch in a future moment outside of the present year.

Although it has not provided any technical specification, it has indicated that improvement in everything in relation to the Virtual Reality glasses released for the PS4, including screen resolution and field of view, and it will even be easy to connect to the console through a single cable “To simplify setup and improve ease of use, while enabling a high-fidelity viewing experience.”

A version superior to the original in the making

Where it has provided some more information is about the controller, indicating that will incorporate some of the best features of the wireless controller DualSense along with noticeable improvement in ergonomics.

So why is this advance? From Sony they indicate the following:

But we wanted to offer this initial update to our fans, as the development community has started working on creating new worlds for you to explore in VR.

In other words, they are already working on immersive experiences so that they can become available at the time when the new glasses Virtual reality may be a reality for those who wish to enjoy this type of experience.

This also implies that developers will have the development kits available as soon as possible that will allow them to carry out their projects for the new Augmented Reality glasses.

The most interesting thing about the ad is that they indicate count on the lessons learned, to which is added the fact that the original Virtual Reality glasses were released more than four years ago, so it is to be hoped that the company has been able to overcome its limitations by offering while at the same time being able to offer a simpler and easier-to-use device, which would allow reaching a greater number of users, also counting with the price also allowing it.

It will already be a matter of waiting until at some point some of its technical specifications can be known with which to establish the corresponding comparisons both with the previous version and with other Virtual Reality devices available on the market.

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