Telegram prepares new functions for groups

Telegram is testing a series of functions in its beta version dedicated to groups.

Functions that will facilitate inviting other users to join our groups, but will also give control over the dynamics of the invitations.

New configuration options for group invitations

One of the novelties that can be seen in the beta of Telegram is the possibility of setting a time limit for the group invitation. For example, the group administrator can specify that the invitation lasts from an hour, a day, a week, and so on.

When that time period expires, the invitation will no longer be valid so it cannot be used to enter the group. Of course, the administrator can also remove all restrictions so that there are no limits.

And if you don’t want to set a time limit, you may want the group invitation to expire after it has been used a certain number of times. Yes, you can specify that the invitation is only used once, ten times, one hundred, etc. When that limit arrives, the invitation will no longer be valid.

Telegram functions

Two interesting features that will make it easier for administrators to keep control of their groups, and not add unwanted guests. And continuing with the group dynamics, group invitations are also added via QR code.

The Telegram team has also thought of another feature dedicated to groups that will make it easier to delete messages. As shown in the beta, it will allow admins to set a certain period of time for new posts to be deleted automatically.

This timer to delete messages will give a margin of 24 hours to 7 days. So, for example, new messages will be deleted after 7 days have passed from their publication. An interesting feature to keep the group chat orderly.

All these functions are part of the beta version of Telegram, so we will have to wait to see them working in the stable version.

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