These are the news that we will see very soon in Android devices

Google has just advanced the next news that will reach Android devices, a package of news that (us) will allow users of Android devices to have a series of additional functions without the need for the arrival of a major system update,

First of all, Google has pointed what will bring its Password Verification tool to devices under Android 9 and above to alert users when logging into applications and web services in case those passwords are compromised due to security issues, even encouraging them to go to the Password Manager to verify other passwords they have compromised.

This is a security function that works in conjunction with the security function Autocomplete of forms, and therefore, it must be enabled.

Message scheduling, new gesture interactions, and more

On the other hand, the application Messages will bring message sending scheduling function, which will work in a similar way to Telegram, and which will serve to schedule the sending of messages so that they reach the recipients at the most appropriate times, depending on the case.

Basically, once the message is written, the send button must be pressed and held to set the date and time of delivery of the message. This feature will reach Android device users from Android 7 onwards.

In terms of accessibility, TalkBack you will receive support for a dozen new multi-finger gestures, more intuitive, which will allow users with vision difficulties to perform a series of interactions with applications as well as a series of common actions, initially reaching Pixel devices and Samsung Galaxy devices with One Ui3 onwards, according to Google.

There will also be new voice commands and new reading controls, and there is even a return to the single menu system given the existing confusion with the multiple menu system, allowing users to add and remove options from it based on their needs.

The Google Assistant will allow its use through voice commands when mobile devices are locked, arriving new cards to this function to show the results at a single glance, being easy to read, without the need for unlocking.

Google Maps is also getting its Dark Mode, which can be set by default, and Android Auto will feature custom wallpapers and interactive voice games, like Jeopardy.

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