This is the InnJoo Purifier One, the air purifier for only 100 euros

An air purifier is very useful in rooms with particles that can be harmful to our health. We are not only talking about dust, pollen or tobacco, we are also talking about bacteria and other microorganisms that can harm animals or humans, particles in general that can be trapped by the filter of a purifier of this type.

The purifiers are based on a system capable of absorbing air, one or more filters and a system to expel clean air. Depending on the power and the filters in question, we can go to some prices or others.

Today we will talk about one that we have been able to test recently, the new from InnJoo, the Purifier One, one of the three models that have just been presented to the market (along with the InnJoo Purifier Plus and the InnJoo Purifier Pro).

The company, which was born in 2014 in Spain, currently works in more than 30 countries around the world, including China, where they have central warehouses, and since its birth they have opted to reduce prices while maintaining quality, hence we can find a very complete purifier for just over 100 euros.


The Purifier One has an active phase filtration system with HEPA filters. They are three layers to capture particles, and they allow from eliminating bad odors to reducing the problem of contamination inside the house or the existence of pollen particles. It can connect to WiFI, being also compatible with Alexa.

The connection to the mobile helps us to know when it is necessary to replace the HEPA filters, filters that have a useful life of about 2,200 hours. Also from the mobile it is possible to program the use and establish one of the three power modes.

InnJoo Purifier One

As you can see in the specifications, it is prepared to clean an area of ​​about 11 square meters (it cleans 90 cubic meters per hour), so it would take more than one purifier of this type to do its job in larger rooms.


After trying it for a few weeks, I will tell you what I liked the most and what I least liked:


– Very quiet, even at its highest power, which is appreciated when putting it in a work room.
– Very easy to assemble. You just have to remove the plastic that surrounds the filter inside and that’s it.
– Very light and portable.
– A design that goes well with practically any environment.


– The mobile app is very limited, it does not offer much information. You could get data from the Internet on the level of pollution in the area, for example, to make it more than just a remote control with a filter change alert.
– The power is not very high. We put dust particles around it, and it doesn’t immediately suck up everything around it. It is slow and constant work, which also makes some sense if we do not want a lot of noise pollution or a tremendous bill on electricity. Think of it as 90 cubic meters per hour, enough for most needs. For more power, you can opt for the Pro model, which cleans areas of 45-55 m2, but costs 180 euros.

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