Twitch censors Metallica for copyright

Due to copyright, Twitch replaced the audio of the Metallica group’s performance from BlizzConline 2021 with some kind of surprisingly whimsical background music.

Credits: raphaelsilva via Pixabay

The BlizzConline 2021 took place this weekend and it delighted many fans of the Blizzard franchises with announcements regarding Diablo, Overwatch or World of Warcraft. While BlizzCon is an event that only happens once a year, Blizzard has been careful to go all out to make it a memorable one, even though this year’s edition was exclusively online. Blizzard had even reserved a surprise for its spectators since Metallica, one of Trash Metal’s most iconic bands, has been invited to perform live. The livestream platform Twitch, who had decided to broadcast the event on its official channel, has chosen to censor Metallica’s performance for copyright issues.

Indeed, the spectators could very well see the band playing, but the audio of the performance was replaced by a music free of rights and which had nothing to do with Trash Metal. The music used by Twitch is more like action-adventure game music with a hint of magic and whimsy. Even if this initiative surprised more than one at the time, it is in fact justified by preventive action on the part of Twitch. If Twitch chose to replace the audio of the group, it is to avoid a complaint of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and thus prevent the audio of the entire conference from being censored.

By doing research, Gizmodo realized that the music is called “Toys for Space” and comes from an artist named Ecobel. This artist mainly composes music for peaceful, dreamy and fanciful atmospheres, a style which does not correspond at all to that of Metallica. Fortunately, viewers who followed the event via Youtube or Blizzard’s Twitch channel were able to hear the group’s original performance.

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