Google Docs has new features for teamwork

Google Docs is implementing a new dynamic so that the comments your teammates send you are not overlooked.

If Docs is the tool you use with your team for collaborative document editing, you know that it can be difficult to filter the comments that are relevant. To solve this, the Google team adds new options

Functions to not lose the comments of our team in Google Docs

Comments on the margin of the document are one of the great tools you have Google Docs for collaborative work. As the document is edited, each of the team members can leave their impressions, suggestions or explain the corrections in the edition.

However, if there are many users who participate in the edition, it can be difficult to detect the comments that are directed specifically to us. So to simplify this aspect, Docs is adding a new filter.

You will be able to see “all the comments”, those that have already been “resolved” and those that are “for you”. In this way, it will be as easy as using the filter to focus on those comments that involve us and that we want to attend to as quickly as possible.

Of course, then we can take a look at the rest of the comments to follow up on the activity and feedback from the group. And for this, an extra help that is added is a blue point that will mark the new activity in the comments since the last time we entered the document.

And if we pass the mouse pointer we will see that it will indicate that it is new content. Although these are simple functions, they will help us not to overlook information that may be relevant or a query from one of our colleagues that needs an urgent response.

And taking into account that we usually interact with more than one team to edit documents, having these little aids can save us time and headaches.

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