10% of daily gaming sessions are played with … a controller

Valve has released a series of statistics that show that a significant portion of the Steam community prefers to use a controller over a keyboard or mouse.

Credit: Valve

In gaming communities around the world, a debate pits PC gamers against console gamers. But the most surprising thing is that, even in the community of PC gamers, some prefer to play with a controller rather than a keyboard and a mouse as is traditionally the case. Valve just released some Steam statistics on this. The company revealed that around 10% of daily gaming sessions are played with a controller. According to them, this figure is surprising, even if it varies according to the types of games.

With this data, Valve hopes to encourage platform developers to incorporate better controller support into their games to include as many people as possible. Valve even explains that “ if the number of people using a controller is very high, but few of them are using it in your game, it could mean that you have done little (if at all) work on controller support for your title “. This “rule” does not apply to real-time strategy games since Valve explains that only 1% of players prefer to use a controller.

Finally, of all the players who prefer the controller to the keyboard-mouse, it seems that there is also a preference for the Xbox controllers. In fact, approximately 68% of game sessions with controllers are played with an Xbox controller. It therefore seems that the PlayStation controllers are generally put aside due to a lack of integration. Valve then recommends ” that more development teams choose to display the corresponding PlayStation icons in-game when prompted to press a specific button ».

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