A website makes you a map with the origin of the IP addresses that you send it

Those of us who work with servers, hosting and others are used to blocking IP addresses of possible hackers, and many times we have to look for the origin of these addresses to know more details of the attack and be able to make other types of decisions.

In most cases, specialized tools on the subject already give us the origin of an IP, but the web that I will comment on today does something else, it assembles a map with the origin of several IPs at the same time.

We just have to enter and send the list of addresses that we want to analyze. We can copy them from a log and paste them on the web, but the maximum number is 1,000 addresses.

Once pasted, we can press the button and see a map like the one shown in the upper screenshot and in this link, where it is easy to see the percentage of IPs for each country, cities, providers and other information that will help determine who is attacking or from where.

If you need this tool for users of your website to do searches of this type, they have different pricing plans depending on the amount of searches that are needed, but if you only want to see a list from time to time, you can access the viewer for free in this web version.

The project was created in 2013 by former Facebook engineer Ben Dowling, and today it can claim to be the most reliable, accurate and detailed source of IP address data available anywhere. They process terabytes of data to produce custom IP geolocation, company, carrier and IP type data sets.

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