students film and watch each other revise to motivate themselves

The health crisis is forcing many people to work from home. To motivate themselves and feel less alone, some people launch “gongbang” in the background, videos of students who film themselves studying (fully dressed of course).

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There is nothing better to stay focused than seeing other people working alongside you. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing many people, especially students, to individually phosphorus. As usual, the internet has the solution to our problem And as usual, its solution is a little surprising since it takes the form of videos of students filming themselves studying, in silence, alone at home . According to The Guardian, this type of video is said to have been launched a few years ago by Korean students who wanted to show their parents that they were serious about work. But the health crisis has given new life to this kind of video called “gongbang” (for gongbu bangsong or “broadcast revision” in Korean).

Many Youtube channels (The Man sitting next to me, Study vibes, On revise together, etc.) offer tons of new videos every month and often get tens or even hundreds of thousands of views. It must be said that the creators offer diverse formats. Varied sound backgrounds (music, fireplace), live revisions, sessions of 1, 6 or 12 hours, with or without a break… there is something for everyone.

With the coronavirus, most people around the world are working at home alone. I think my videos show them that they are not alone ”, confides youtuber Kim Dong-min interviewed by the media Vice. Those who prefer the livelier atmosphere of cafes to that of study rooms for working can, for their part, take a tour of the The site, remarkable for its simplicity, makes it possible to recreate the sound atmosphere of any bar by adjusting different tracks (noise of coffee machine, voices of customers, sound of rain on the window, noise of traffic, etc.) . The result is really realistic. But we can’t wait to see the cafes reopen …

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