Woman earns $ 3,000 in donations while broadcasting how she sleeps

Put a camera that transmits online while we sleep and receive donations throughout the siesta until we reach $ 3,000. It seems like a dream, but it is something real, something that has happened on Twitch.

Twitch is a platform where people can go live doing all sorts of things, mainly playing games, but other categories can be found that, without violating the platform’s terms of use, can be impressively successful.

This is the case of a streamer called Wang Yimingfrom Taiwan, which caused a sensation when its sleeping video managed to raise $ 3,000 in donations.

Wang was a member of the Malay pop group AMOi-AMOi, although he now lives in Taiwan. The broadcast began at 5 p.m., and viewers found Wang getting ready to go to sleep. He put on an eye mask and took a five hour nap until 10pm

The broadcast managed to attract thousands of viewers, with a maximum of 11,200 simultaneous viewers. During the time he was sleeping he managed to earn 3,000 in donations and advertising revenue, the reason why people decided to pay for something like that is still unknown (surely never will).

Even though she did literally nothing, Wang’s broadcast helped propel her profile to the position of the best broadcaster in Taiwan during those five hours, attracting even more followers.

You never know where the doors will open, but it is clear that knowing the tastes of your audience is a good key.

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