Netflix wants us to have some TikTok-style laughs with its new mobile feature

Netflix wants us to have a laugh at the expense of its original content, although yes, without having to spend a lot of time watching a whole chapter waiting for the funniest moment to arrive.

In this regard, the company just presented the new mobile function Easy laugh, which offers a selection of clips of the most comical moments of its original contents offered in the TikTok style, appearing in full screen, playing the next clip finished the previous one, and allowing access to the previous clip or the next one that one is through the vertical swipes on the screen.

Enabling new forms of discovery

Among the contents are outstanding own productions such as the film Mystery on board, the animated series for adults Big Mouth, as well as specials stand up from a series of comedians.

This new mobile function will also serve as a content discovery function, since it offers the possibility that, starting from a video clip that has attracted attention, add the program to which it belongs to the list to watch, or directly start to see it on the spot.

Additionally, users will also be able to share individual clips with their friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat y Twitter.

Of course, at the moment the scope of the function is quite limited. At first it will be available to iPhone users for selected markets, without defining which ones, promising “seriously” that tests of this function for Android devices will soon begin.

And they warn that some content may not be suitable for all audiences, perhaps in reference to Big Mouth, the well-known animation series for adults on the platform.

According to Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix:

We are always looking for new ways to entertain and make discovery easier for members.

As a reminder, some time ago, Netflix also opted for another form of content presentation to enrich its mobile application. We talk about the advances, which are offered by way of Ephemeral stories, and that now opts for a more current form of presentation, the one used by TikTok and copied by others such as Instagram or YouTube, although in the case of Netflix they have had the sole purpose of allowing the discovery of new content, making users do so. get easier and easier to find something to see.

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