The new Pocos are coming next Monday

One model could be priced with the Redmi K40, the other with a fresh Snapdragon tile – or the best.

What’s completely official is that next week, at 1 p.m., Monday, he will be holding Poco’s first big international show this year, and there are quite a few hints in the pictures of the arrival of something really percussive monster, and even a hint of the best Snapdragon chip available. 888 made at a bandwidth of 5 nm.

So then you can smoothly run into a Poco top device like the Redmi K40 Prot re-labeled as it got the namesake Snapdragon 888-cat. This mere speculation is reinforced by a specific tip of the GSM Arena on the part of the Little F3 can also run in, namely the Redmi k40 with its look and Snapdragon 870 chip, ergo the whole K40 family can get Poco painting.

However, said publication is Poco X3 Pro in connection with this, he is not betting on the 888, but on the pending Snapdragon 860, which could shoot Snapdragon between 855 and 865 and drop prices by giving up the 5G modem. Anyway, the latter is the strength of the Poco series, and it is X3 NFC it has elicited our very strong appreciation as much as it has yet much cheaper M3, and the Redmi Note 10 Pro also sees the logic in well-equipped but 4G-stuck mid-range devices.

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