electronic devices also have the right to sort

Since 2018, March 18 has become World Recycling Day. The perfect excuse for a little reminder when it comes to using and sorting our electronic devices.

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Today is World Recycling Day. Straight from the United States where it has existed since 1994, the initiative has been adopted since 2018 by the International Bureau of Recycling. The opportunity to better sort our waste, but above all to question our sometimes excessive consumption, especially in terms of electronic devices.

Give a second life

Reduce, reuse, recycle, that’s the mantra of this special day. It must be said that throwing away your smartphone at the slightest sign of weakness, or simply because you have just received a newer model for Christmas, is not very eco-friendly. So rather than having the reflex of the trash, think instead of doing repair your terminals. It will not only make you to save money, but also quite a lot of greenhouse gases, at a time when most of the carbon footprint emitted by a battery-powered device during its life is emitted when it is manufactured.

Having your electronic devices repaired is good. But if you really want to get rid of that old, still working phone, you can make some happy too. By reselling it on a commercial platform or directly to a repackaging site. By donating it to an association that fights against illiteracy such as Emmaüs Connect, or simply by offering it to your grandmother, you participate in reducing your environmental impact, while doing your good deed of the month.


Finally, when your device is so old that it becomes unusable, do not throw it straight in the trash. Remember that some spare parts can still be used. And if everything is really good to throw away, think about recycling. Today, cells and batteries are a real ecological sinkhole. Not only are these difficult to recycle, but in addition, they are generally forgotten in the sorting bins, and end up in our household trash.

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