TikTok may be preparing to have group chats, according to report

ByteDance is not satisfied with what TikTok currently offers its users and aspires to offer new social capabilities beyond what exists to date.

As the news agency has learned Reuters Based on sources familiar with the operation, from within ByteDance they are planning to launch a group messaging function for this year on TikTok, although at the moment they are discussing the where and when of its launch.

Competing closer to social networks like Facebook

With his possible arrival, he would be on the same level as his Chinese brother, Douyin, who has this characteristic. Group messaging in TikTok is part of ByteDance’s aspirations to turn the short video app into a ‘social interaction app’.

With this functionality, TikTok would allow users to spend more time within the application, with the additional benefit that the most prominent creators of the platform could connect more easily with their respective legions of followers.

This could also bring with it a lot of new possibilities, which would be added in the form of capabilities gradually, as well as other functions that we have already seen in recent months.

Obviously, as in these cases, the social platform itself has not wanted to comment on it to Reuters, so for the moment there is no official confirmation of the arrival of this functionality, which according to one of the sources, would not offer communications encrypted.

ByteDance has been discussing this and other possibilities for TikTok since last year, although for now they have not been able to move forward due to the events experienced in some territories, especially in the United States under the Trump administration, to which is also added the prohibition of your service in India.

Currently, according to one of the sources, thanks to the paralysis of a government demand activated by the Trump administration by the new administration headed by Joe Biden in the United States, which would have meant a de facto ban on the application in that territory. , the return of corporate sponsors to service was achieved.

The arrival of the group messaging function would put TikTok closer to social networks such as Facebook, which could put it against the ropes, also taking into account that TikTok is used by users of youthful ages and young adults.

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