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Those of us who work on Instagram know that we can use Creator Studio, a Facebook tool, to publish images and videos on future dates, although it is a very primitive tool that does not offer the necessary resources to carry out complete marketing campaigns.

Instagram today is a set of photos and videos in feeds, reels, IGTV and stories that must be managed correctly to reach the target audience with the right hashtags, and that is not something that Creator Studio offers.

The fact is that now there are several third-party tools that manage to publish on Instagram directly, without the need to use alerts. Yesterday we talked about, which publishes automatically the content of a blog on an Instagram account, and today we see a function of also very attractive.

Once again, you have to connect via Facebook to the linked Instagram account, as long as it is a company account. We will be able to do an automated Instagram programming, creating, editing and scheduling publications on said network and obtaining valuable information about its performance so that we can optimize the next batch.

It’s even possible to schedule entire months in less than an hour, with a very intuitive calendar view that helps you know exactly when everything will be posted. We can work with a team, give you access, and create and schedule posts on our behalf.

It is possible to mass upload images to the cloud so that they are ready to be programmed. They have tools to define sizes, and we will always have the possibility to see the publication before publishing it, or even to create drafts.

The price, after the 7-day trial, is $ 9 per month.

Since it’s been about a month since Instagram opened the Content Publishing API to all developers, these types of projects will start to become more and more common. We’ll be alert.

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