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With less than 60 grams at weight, the Pulsefire Haste mouse from HyperX is aimed at gamers looking for lightness and maneuverability. Announced during CES 2021, the low-cost device complements the Pulsefire range, offering a honeycomb design that does not lack interest.

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Design and features

First thing that jumps out at the new Pulsefire Haste: its design. The brand, recently bought by the giant HP, is betting everything on lightness, and to get there, there is no miracle solution. It is therefore with a completely dimpled design on its dorsal part that the mouse manages to save on the amount of materials used. On the left side, there are two configurable buttons at the location of the thumb. In the center, a simple click wheel and a central button complete the whole.

We are far from the models designed for MMORPGs like the Naga X de Razer, but the model seems to be able to stand out in FPS games, where speed is one of the key points of a victory. The cable is 1.8 meters long, and a single RGB LED, configurable via the NGenuity software. So many savings that make it possible to cut back on the final price, to offer a price below the 60 € bar.


Once plugged in, the Pulsefire Haste surprises with its lightness, to the point that odoes not feel like you have anything in hand. So much the better, that’s all we asked him. The mouse is definitely thought by FPS gamers, with a very appreciable reactivity made possible by the PixArt PAW 3335 optical sensor. Well known to gamers, the component ensures a sensitivity of 16,000 dots per inch. This is less than some competitors, but more than enough to ensure responsive and precise play. Another good point, the PTFE pads slide extremely smoothly. The manufacturer has also had the good taste to add two additional games to increase the life of the device. We didn’t ask for so much. For more classic everyday use, this featherweight does not radically change the user experience, but is downright pleasant. Even after several days of use, we do not notice no fatigue at the level of the forearm.

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On the other hand, it is at the level of the cells that the Pulsefire can reject. Yes, the device is light, and has the good taste to prevent us from sweating after three hours of play. On the other hand, the texture provided by the holes can turn out to be quite unpleasant in the long run. In addition, the device is ultimately quite basic. If large hands will appreciate its oblong shape (12.5 cm), the Pulsefire does not shine by its ergonomics. Reserved for right-handers, it does not have a bulge to rest the thumb, which is quite a shame.

Where to find it?

Presented during CES 2021 at the same time as the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset, the Pulsefire Haste mouse is available on the brand’s official website and at most third-party retailers for € 59.99. Less than 60 € for less than 60 grams, the device is particularly aggressive in terms of price, which allows it to stand out from the competition.

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