Smart window handle reminds you to ventilate

Vodafone and Smart-Klima are launching a smart window handle that – with the help of integrated sensors – is supposed to measure the air quality in the room. If this is too bad, it reminds you of the necessary ventilation interval.

The climate control is intended to improve the indoor climate

The data is processed via the Internet and the cellular network. Information on CO2 content and humidity can then be collected via the handle. The windows in question are then still opened and closed manually.

Whether it needs to be ventilated or not is shown on the small display on the handle. If the smiley laughs, everything is fine. If the air quality is too bad, a tone sounds and the smiley looks sad. A push message is also sent so that the signal is really not overlooked or overheard.

The necessary ventilation time can then also be read on the handle. The climatic handle, which can replace the classic handle, automatically detects whether a window is closed or not.

On the Smart climate online shop the product can be pre-ordered now. The delivery will then take place in April 2021. Cost note? 220 euros, including SIM use for two years. From the third year of use, 15 euros per year are due for the SIM card.

What do you think of such a product? “Nice to have” or actually unnecessary?

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