Taïg Khris launches his new social network, inspired by Instagram

Multi-award winning champion Taïg Khris is just jumping off the top of the Eiffel Tower. He has just launched Albums, a European alternative to Instagram. The application aims to be more respectful of the personal data of its users.

While part of France enters its third confinement, many families will have to remain separated. To create links, while respecting the privacy of each user, Taïg Khris is launching his new application. Called Albums, it allows you to share your favorite photos or videos with members of your family or some of your friends. In a press release, the creator details his motivations to develop this alternative to Instagram. ” Albums responds to this desire to create the reference application to share our photos and videos, while protecting our personal data ”. Concretely, the start-up will develop its own end-to-end encryption tools. In a press release, she explains that she has started an approval process with ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security). “We want to be sure that the security of our app is not just a marketing argument but corresponds well to the requirements of expert security organizations” specifies the founder.

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Offer a made in Europe alternative to GAFAM

“We have to face the facts, Europe has lost the battle over personal data. (…) It is time to create our own European social networks and to control our future ”. With his new app, the entrepreneur is obviously targeting market giants like Instagram and Facebook. By offering an alternative that he announces more secure, Taïg Khris wants to challenge the Zuckerberg firm on its own ground, at a time when more and more Internet users say they are concerned by questions relating to their privacy on the Internet. It remains to be seen whether success will be there. Album is already available in the iOS and Android app stores. This is currently a beta version and therefore not all features will be available yet. To be able to take advantage of end-to-end encryption, for example, you will still have to be patient. Among the features already available, we find the sharing of albums via QR codes or links, the setting up of different types of access (collaborative, admin or even restricted), the possibility of creating hidden and accessible albums only. with a secret code or even a Chat. Like on Instagram, different users will also be able to like and comment. In its press release, Albums also announces that screenshots will be blocked and that users who want to bypass this restriction will have their accounts suspended.

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