VR glasses from Apple are said to be equipped with eye tracking and iris recognition

When you hear Apple, you immediately think of iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. So that the association goes beyond smartwatches and smartphones, the US company is constantly working on new options, such as a mixed reality headset.

Eye tracking and iris recognition

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset will be equipped with an advanced eye-tracking system. This According to Kuo, “includes a transmitter and a receiver. The sending end provides one or more different wavelengths of invisible light, and the receiving end detects the change in invisible light reflected from the eyeball and judges the eyeball movement based on the change. “

The analyst says that most head-worn devices are operated by handheld controllers and cannot provide a smooth user experience. In his opinion, an eye-tracking system “like the one Apple will use offers several advantages, including an intuitive visual experience that seamlessly interacts with the outside environment, more intuitive operation that can be controlled with eye movements, and a lower computational burden in the form of a reduced resolution, where the user does not look. “

Possibility of a more intuitive Apple Pay method

There is currently no confirmation from Apple for the equipment with iris recognition. But the analyst says that based on the hardware specifications, this should be possible. If iris recognition is actually implemented, Kuo envisions that users could use it for a “more intuitive Apple Pay method” as well. A micro-LED display from Sony is to be installed as the display in order to offer both a transparent AR experience “and a VR experience.”

It is widely believed that Apple’s headset will be lighter and therefore significantly more comfortable than previous solutions. It is conceivable that the US company will use the mesh strap of the current AisPods Max here.

The device is planned for 2022. In terms of price, Kuo and Bloomberg assume that Apple will offer the headset from $ 1,000.

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