Amazon Music startet In-App Merch Integration

Amazon Music has expanded the content available in the app. Vinyl, exclusive merch and more are now integrated directly into the Amazon Music app and the first artists are already integrated. Including Billie Eilish, Weezer, Metallica, Queen, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga.

Quick access to your favorite artist’s merch products

For the first time, customers can discover new music, watch live streams, and browse a selection of merch, vinyl, and more from an artist. This includes traditional merch such as t-shirts, hoodies, onesies, etc., but also CDs, vinyl and smartphone accessories.

The merch is displayed next to the songs, albums, live streams and music videos of the participating artists, so that you can shop directly via the Amazone Music App. Most of the merch will be available to Prime members with Prime Shipping. “If we integrate all of this seamlessly into the app with Prime Shipping, we believe it will increase sales significantly,” said Sean McMullan, director of artist products and services at Amazon Music. He adds, “We think bringing in merch is a way to really improve that artist-fan connection and make it a more compelling experience. We will continue to experiment with many different ways to get them to the customer in the right way. ”

With regard to Amazon’s share of sales on the platform, McMullan didn’t give a clear answer, just said that the percentage varied from artist to artist.

What: Amazon

In addition, Amazon Music will offer exclusive collections of goods from various artists. this includes, for example, the clothing line by Selena Gomez, of course coordinated with the release of her upcoming Spanish EP or a collection by the band Weezer. The rapper Wale even went so far that he made Amazon Music the exclusive online trading partner for his merch collection.

In the future, there will also be other functions in the Amazon Music app for fans. This includes, for example, an in-app notification of new merch articles, a personalization function or e-mail and push notifications based on the listening behavior of the respective user.

Merch by Amazon for various artists

Amazon also has its own merch-on-demand store called Merch by Amazon, which is currently working with several (unspecified) artists on merch-making. “It’s a really fun way to create merch and experiment with different designs because the artists don’t risk it, they don’t have to make it,” says McMullan. “Everything is made on demand. Therefore, the merch companies will often work with our Merch by Amazon team to create different designs. Because of the size of Amazon, there are really many different ways to work with us. “

McMullan makes it clear again that this is not the end of the innovations at Amazon Music. “We’re pushing the boundaries of a streaming service,” he says, adding. “I think you will see that we keep experimenting.”

The offer is only available to US Amazon customers. It is not yet clear whether it will also be introduced in other countries.

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