an augmented reality mobile game soon?

After Pokémon Go, the next augmented reality video game success could well be the next Space Invaders mobile game from Square Enix Montreal.

Credits: Square Enix Montreal

Square Enix Montreal has just announced the arrival of an upcoming game Space Invaders for mobile in augmented reality. To deliver this game, Square Enix Montreal joined forces with Taito, one of the big names in video games and who is behind the Space Invaders license. The game is currently already under development. A teaser featuring the story of Space Invaders has been unveiled especially for the announcement.

Augmented reality surged in popularity following the release of the hugely popular Pokémon Go by Niantic. Since then, others have tried it, with varying degrees of success depending on the license. Nothing is known about the content of the game yet, so guesswork is rife. The game could work on the principle of geolocation, like Pokémon Gthe or Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and spawn aliens on every street corner. What is certain is that a Space Invaders mobile game will reach a fairly large audience, the license being famous for decades. If you are interested you can to register to participate in the first tests of the game when these are available. Otherwise, we will have to wait for its official release which has not been revealed either.

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