Falcon and the Winter Soldier explores aftermath of Thanos’ Snap

MCU fans have been eagerly awaiting this day. The first episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier is available on Disney +. The producers and actors have given some details about the plot that will unfold in the six episodes.

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This is the big day. Falcon and the Winter Soldier landed today on Disney+. The production that stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan is already shaping up to be the series of the moment and will explore Captain America’s legacy. Steve Rogers has hung up the shield and now needs to be found a replacement. If Sam Wilson seemed the right choice, the superhero is not ready to shoulder this responsibility. But as an extremist group threatens world peace, it will team up with Bucky Barnes to confront an enemy from the past. According to Kevin Feige, the choice to devote a series to the duo formed by the two characters was almost obvious. He explains “We felt that we still had things to say about Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes after their interactions in The Winter Soldier and Civil War. As Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are remarkable actors, we thought that if we had the chance, we would love to watch a whole series with these two characters, and Disney + made that wish come true ”.

Sam Wilson to play America’s hero

In six episodes, Falcon and The Winter Soldier aims to create a new Captain America. The choice of the studio obviously fell on the character played by Anthony Mackie and it will allow to explore more deeply the impact that such a responsibility can have on the hero. For Anthony Mackie, all of this is obviously very meaningful. “When people think of Captain America, they have a very specific image in mind. What I mean by that is that it’s very difficult to be successful when you’re black in the United States. Sometimes, we think that the game is not worth the candle. We are constantly forced to conform to the myriad images that others have of us. Sam therefore wonders if he is ready to experience it on a daily basis ”.

What impact will Endgame have on the series?

Located directly after the events ofAvengers : Endgame, the series intends to explore the consequences of the disappearance of half of humanity, and their providential return 5 years later. Malcolm Spellman, screenwriter, explained during a launch video conference “I think what really works is Thanos created a situation for the whole world to deal with, one problem. It all grew out of that, the villains of the show respond to that, the bad guys and the good guys have to deal with that in their personal lives. “ Moreover, this first episode is particularly devoted to this theme and allows to lay the foundations of a plot which promises to be already explosive. It remains to be seen now which paths our characters will take and what impact the series will have on the rest of the MCU. To find out more, it’s on Disney + that it’s happening. The platform will broadcast six one-hour episodes, at the rate ofone every week. And if you are not yet convinced, you can find our review of the first episode, here.

Subscribe to Disney + for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year

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